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Colton Leonard

Colton Leonard

Colton Leonard is 20 year old upcoming bodybuilder from Texas, He is a big boy, at 5'11" in height, he weighs in as a heavyweight in competitions at 225 lbs. and in the off-season gets to 250-260 lbs. He has been bodybuilding for about 3 years. Colton first started out just trying to get bigger and stronger for an upcoming senior football season in high school. He read bodybuilding magazines every day during work. However when the football season rolled around he took a bad hit 3 weeks out from the end of the season. After receiving a career ending blow to his neck, Colton had lost any hopes of a scholarship and the schools he had been speaking with were no longer interested. Although discouraged, Colton was determined not to be the "well I used to..." person when it came to athletics and fitness. So he began seriously weight training with bodybuilding as his guide to nutrition and training. After a few months Colton began training with a partner who had already done a few shows. They began to train together and after he had gained a little weight, Colton decided to do his first show. After that he was hooked. Colton has competed in three shows where he had top three placing in each, also wining best male poser award in his first show, including the 2007 NGA Southern States Natural Extravaganza (Teen 3rd Place and Novice 1st Place), the 2008 NPC John Sherman Classic (Teen Heavyweight 2nd Place and Novice Heavyweight 5th Place) and the 2008 NPC Teen & Collegiate Nationals (Teen Heavyweight 2nd Place and Collegiate Heavyweight 7th Place). Colton then went on to do the 2009 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Championships in Fort Lauderdale, and then the NPC Collegiate Nationals in Pittsburgh, We met and photographed Colton at both of these shows. a fulltime student, pursuing a degree in ocean engineering, from Texas A&M University. He enjoys working in the fitness industry and has high aspirations in becoming the elite body builder in this industry by working hard to develop a great physique. He would like to compete for the next 20+ years, eventually earning a pro card. Colton is an NASM certified personal trainer and a Cellucor sponsored athlete. In the short future, Colton would like to compete once again at the NPC Collegiate Nationals in the next 2-3 years because he really believes he has what it takes to win the overall title at that show. We are very pleased to add Colton Leonard to our roster of upcoming bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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