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Darren Cea

Darren Cea

Darren is a 24 year old novice bodybuilder from New York. He stands 5'4" tall and competes at a weight of between 154 and 164 lbs., and bulks to 185 lbs. in the off-season. Darren has competed in two INBF shows, including the 2007 Natural New York State Bodybuilding and Figure Championships in which he placed 3rd in the Novice Lightweight Class. We met Darren when he competed at the 2009 NPC Long Island Bodybuilding Championships, and we photographed him right after prejudging. He has active in sports, including wrestling and football. Darren would like to explore opportunities in fitness modeling. We hope to see Darren competing on stage again, and for now we are pleased to add Darren Cea to our roster of upcoming bodybuilders and fitness models at!

Darren Cea           Coming Soon!

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