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Joey Butacavoli

Joey Butacavoli

Joey is a 21 year old upcoming competitive bodybuilder from New Jersey. He stands 5'8" tall and weighs 174 lbs. when competing and 220 lbs. in the off season. Joey has competed in several competitions, including the 2007 NPC Mid Atlantic Natural (1st Teen Class and 1st in Novice Middleweights), the 2007 New Jersey State Championships (1st in Teen Class 176 lbs. and under, 2nd in Novice Middleweights), 2008 Atlantic City Natural (2nd Novice Middleweight), the 2008 NPC Mid Atlantics (5th Novice Middleweight Class), and the 2008 NPC South Jersey (2nd Novice Middleweight Class). In 2009, we met Joey competing at the NPC Brooklyn Bodybuilding Championships, where he won both the Novice and Open Middleweight Classes. A few weeks later, Joey competed at the 2009 NPC New Jersey State and Tri State Bodybuilding Championships, where he again took the Middleweight Class and became the Overall Novice Champion. We photographed Joey at that New Jersey show. Joey has an active sports background. He started off as a young teen playing competitive racquetball, for which he traveled the state, even winning the teen championships for New Jersey. Joey could have received a scholarship to play for Penn State, but decided to try his luck instead with bodybuilding. At the start of his summer going into junior year of high school, Joey hired a trainer and told him that he had no intentions of competing but wanted to train, eat and look like a bodybuilder. Well after spending all of his summer earnings working with the trainer, which Joey feels was the most rewarding money he ever spent, Joey decided to give competing a try due to the fact after three months, his trainer saw Joey's potential. So at age 19, almost 2 years after he first hired that trainer, Joey stepped onto a bodybuilding stage. Ever since then, Joey has caught the bug of competitive bodybuilding and has had great success. Joey's biceps measure 15.75:, chest: 43.5", waist: 31" quads 24.75" and calve: 15". We are very pleased to add Joey Butacavoli to our roster of upcoming bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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