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Leighton Edwards

Leighton Edwards

Leighton Edwards is a bodybuilder and personal trainer from Connecticut. He has been working out for the past 11 years and has participated in a variety of organized sports, including soccer, football, basketball, wrestling, track & field in his teen years. Leighton stands 5'10" tall at a body weight of 185 lbs. He graduated from Norwalk College in the summer of 2007 with a degree in Exercise Science and is an ACSM member (American College of Sports Medicine) and has achieved NASM and other certifications. We met Leighton competing at several New York area natural bodybuilding competitions, including the 2009 Musclemania New York Fitness Championships and the 2009 INBF Naturalmania Bodybuilding Championships (2nd Light Heavyweights). With the help of NAB photographer Steve Roberts, we photographed Leighton at these shows. Leighton has also competed in other competitions, including 2008 INBF World Championships (4th Light Heavyweights), 2009 OCB Cape Cod Natural (3rd Open Class 4), 2009 OCB Hudson River Classic (1st Open Class), 2009 INBF World Championships (7th Light Heavyweights), 2009 INBF Natural Connecticut (2nd Light Heavyweights), 2009 Fitness Atlantic (5th Middleweights) and 2009 INBF Monster Mash (3rd Light Heavyweights). We are pleased to add Leighton Edwards to our roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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