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Michael Blythe

Michael Blythe

Michael Blythe is a 21 year old bodybuilder from Connecticut. He competed at the 2009 NPC Collegiate Nationals in Pittsburgh in the Light Heavyweight Class. Michael has been trained and coached by another bodybuilding model, PJ Braun. Michael first met PJ Braun in the summer of 2007. He was extremely impressed by how huge he was and knew he was the guy that would be able to help him get into competitive bodybuilding. Michael had always wanted to compete but never knew how to really get into it. He asked PJ to help him prepare for his first show When he started with PJ, Michael was 225 pounds with a little more than 15% bodyfat. After 12 weeks of dieting and training under the guidance of PJ, Michael weighed-in at a ripped 175 pounds. He competed at the 2007 East Coast Bodybuilding Championships where he dominated and won his first show taking the Overall Teen class. We photographed Michael at the 2009 Collegiate Nationals, and are very pleased to add Michael Blythe to the roster of upcoming bodybuilding and fitness models at!

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