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Moe Castro

Moe Castro 

Moe Castro is a 23 year old natural bodybuilder from Connecticut. At 5'6" in height, Moe's contest weight is 145 lbs. and off season he maintains a weight of 170 lbs. He started training about 5 years ago. Before long he realized how much he enjoyed it, as well as all the health benefits that came with it. He learned the correct poses from looking at magazine pictures and from researching information online. After coming in first place in his very first state competition in 2006, he became even more motivated to pursue bodybuilding as a career.. He started playing soccer at the age of 4 and continued playing all the way up until he decided to start lifting in 2004 and his first year in college. Moe played soccer at for Western Connecticut State University for one season. All through middle and high school he played basketball and soccer. Moe has competed in several bodybuilding competitions, including the 2006 INBF New York State Championships (1st place novice lightweight), 2007 INBF Natural Connecticut Championships (1st place Bantamweight), 2007 INBF Hercules Championships (4th place Open Bantamweight), 2008 INBF Natural Connecticut Championships (3rd place Bantamweight), 2008 INBF Naturalmania Nationals (2nd place Bantamweight), 2008 INBF New York State Championships (3rd place Open Lightweight & 4th place Juniors) and 2009 INBF Naturalmania Nationals (4th place Open Bantamweight). We were fortunate enough to photograph Moe, with the help of NAB photographer Steve Roberts, at the 2009 Naturalmania Nationals. Moe is very strong. He can bench press 225 pounds, back squat 405 pounds and leg press 1,100 pounds. Moe makes it his mission to spread public awareness about the importance of participating in natural bodybuilding. Whenever he's not working out, Castro works as a certified personal fitness trainer. Moe has a great personality and has a very lean and chiseled physique. He is very well suited for fitness modeling in addition to bodybuilding. Competitions can get costly, since there are not only entry and drug-testing fees, but also traveling expenses and year-round food supplement costs. For that reason, Moe is looking for companies or individuals to sponsor him in exchange for advertising opportunities. One of Castro's goals is to become a professional natural bodybuilder. We are pleased to add Moe Castro to our roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!

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