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Todd Scott

Todd Scott

Todd Scott (whose nickname is "Toddzilla") has been training for 17 years and competing for 15 of those years. He started playing with weights at age 16 but really didn't know what he was doing so he read magazines to gain some knowledge. Todd figured he wasn't going to get any taller so he had to get wider. He also used weight training to improve performance in football and wrestling. When he first started training, his strength increase was the most notable. Soon after starting, his muscles started to develop and a lower body fat was more easily maintainable. As his physique improved, Todd's diet and free time became more focused on seeing additional improvements.  Todd developed an incredible physique, and over the years Todd has competed in many shows and done quite well. His most recent contest history includes the 2009 National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships (Middleweight 3rd), the 2008 North American and USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships (Middleweight 5th in both), the 2007 USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships (Middleweight 4th), 2006 National Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships (Middleweight 4th), 2005 USA Bodybuilding & Figure Championships (Middleweight 3rd), 2005 Los Angeles Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships (Middleweight 2nd), and the 2005 Emerald Cup (Overall Winner and Middleweight 1st). Todd stands 5'3" tall and weights 176 lbs. when competing and grows to 205 lbs. in the off season. He has beefy 19.5" biceps, a 47" chest, 30" waist, 27.5" quads and 18" calves. Todd's goal is to attain his IFBB Pro Card so that he can compete on stage with the likes of Lee Priest and Mark Dugdale among others. We met and photographed Todd Scott at the 2009 NPC Nationals, and we are pleased to add Todd to our roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!

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