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James McGuire first began training with NAB model and personal trainer Rich Lauro two years ago in preparation for his first bodybuilding show. When James first began with Rich, he had the typical gym physique. He possessed great chest, shoulders and biceps, but no legs. James has become Rich's training partner and consequently has built himself some of the best wheels around. Since his successful bodybuilding debut one year ago, James has continued to improve his physique by adding ten additional pounds of quality muscle...naturally! The result was amazing as he competed as a lightweight in three shows and took first place in all three!! James was so happy that had changed his life around living a healthy happy life. He then was ready to do more shows but he knew he needed to get bigger. He loved the sport of natural bodybuilding and was ready to take it to another level. In 2007 James competed at the INBF Cardinal Classics and won 1st place in the middleweight class, but narrowly missed out on his WNBF pro card in a tough overall battle. His 2nd show that year was the ONBF Mr. Natural Ohio and he won 1st place in the middleweight class and won Best Poser. James then won the Overall 2007 Mr. Natural Ohio, 2 years in a row and also won his ONBF Pro Card. Finally in 2007 James competed at the NPC Monster Mash at Miami University, in the middleweight class where there were 15 guys entered, and he took 1st place. James is 5'8" tall now competes at 172 lbs. We met and photographed James competing in New York City at the 2008 Hercules Bodybuilding Championships. We are very pleased to add James McGuire to the roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models at!

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