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Justin is an 18 year old bodybuilder and fitness model from Pennsylvania. He won 1st place in the Junior class at the 2007 NPC Bill Grant Bodybuilding and Figure Classic, and also 2nd place in the Lightweight class. He has been bodybuilding for 4 years and during that time has made incredible progress. He stands 5'6" tall and packs 160 lbs. of muscle on that frame. Justin has intentions of competing further, with longer range plans of earning a pro card. In addition, he wants to get more involved in fitness modeling and gain some exposure in magazines and other media. We photographed Justin just before his second competition, the 2007 NPC Mountain Valley Championships, in which he won 1st place in the Lightweight class. We expect Justin to make even further gains, and look forward to seeing his rise in the sport. For now, we are pleased to add Justin to the roster of upcoming bodybuilding and fitness models at!


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