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Canadian fitness model Marc-Antoine had been training for the last 12 years - it's his lifestyle, 4-5 times a week at the gym. His goal is to be at his best at 40 years old. He has been competing in bodybuilding and fitness competitions in the past several years, including 2005 MVP Quest (1st place), 2006 MVP Quest (2nd place), 2006 FAME East Fitness Model (1st place), 2006 FAME National Fitness Model (2nd place), 2007 FAME East Muscle Model (1st place and obtained his PRO card) and 2007 FAME National Muscle Model (1st place PRO division). Winning the FAME 2007 National PRO show was an amazing day for Marc-Antoine. After winning the FAME East Muscle Model division and receiving his PRO card, he was focused to be at his best for the FAME National show, after many weeks of dieting, a lot of sacrifice and the essential element.....WILL. His dreams came true. Marc-Antoine won 1st place in the PRO Muscle Model division... and he still can't believe it! The competition was so strong with all PRO competitors coming from all over, including Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto...he didn't know where he was going to rank!!! It was an amazing feeling to be the WNSO PRO Muscle Model champion!!! And Marc-Antoine is already focused on the next year...the 2008 FAME World Championships. We photographed Marc-Antoine in Toronto as we won his Pro Class, and we are very pleased to add this outstanding athlete to the roster of top fitness and bodybuilding models at!

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